BI, CPM & Decision-Making Software Glossary of Terms

Our glossary is designed to demystify the technological jargon behind the world of analytics, simulation, planning, prediction. It provides definitions of key terms relating to Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management, and the BOARD Decision-Making Platform.

Advanced Transition Object (ATO)

A BOARD product feature which allows users to create new members (e.g. a new product to be planned) and relationships (e.g. reference to a similar product with similar values) and control the write-back to an InfoCube with a procedure.


BOARD’s approach to decision-making, which unifies everything needed to build BI & CPM solutions in a single software tool.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

An area of computer science which refers to the creation of intelligent machines that can react to scenarios and make decisions as a human would.


Refers to the server and database where an application and its data is processed.

Big Data

A collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications.


Short for: Binary Large Object. Typically images, tables, audio, or multimedia objects stored at cell level in a data view. Usually used in conjunction with tooltips.

BOARD Connector

Short name for the “BOARD Connector for use with SAP”, developed with SAP interface specialist Theobald Software. This connector enables the connection of SAP databases directly into the BOARD solution.

BOARD Database

A BOARD database is a set of files stored in a directory. It is made up of Entities, Hierarchies, and InfoCubes and can be stored on the hard disk of the machine running the BOARD Server or on a storage device connected to it.


A Financial Consolidation solution developed on the BOARD platform which manages the entire Financial Consolidation process with ease.

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