Data Discovery/Data Exploration

In the BOARD sense, this means to use the search function to easily explore data, metadata, and applications and use the results for further navigation through the system.

Data view

The main BOARD object for creating analyses. It represents data in the form of a grid/table. It can display numerical data, text, and images and support grouping, sorting, data-entry, and a set of interactive features.

Data-aware objects

Objects can be DataViews, Charts, Gauges, Filters, Labels, etc. – anything used to design a screen. All objects in one screen are immediately synchronized with each other and with the database, and are therefore able to automatically react to user actions.

Decision-Making Platform

A software solution which contains the necessary tools to augment business decision-making. In BOARD’s case, this represents a combination of analysis, simulation, and planning capabilities. By providing insight into past performance and enabling the outcomes of different scenarios to be predicted and modeled, Decision-Making Platforms help executives to make a more-informed decision.

Demand Planning

The process of forecasting or predicting the demand for a particular product or service to enable its production and delivery to be carried out in the most efficient manner.

Descriptive Analytics

The simplest form of data analytics, in which historical data is collated and summarized in a user-friendly format, providing an understanding of what has previously happened.

Digital Office of Finance

A Finance department which utilizes modern technology to increase the efficiency of its financial reporting, planning, analysis and back-office processes.

Drill-down, -through, -anywhere

The ability to navigate through data from the highest level of aggregation to the lowest level of detail and even to external data sources.

Driver-Based Forecasting

The process of modeling the financial and operational impact of strategic changes to the key business drivers which generate value for the organization. See also Driver-Based Planning.

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