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Board Beyond 2023: It’s time to ignite the Intelligent Planning revolution

With market turbulence still rearing its head at every corner, a transformative approach to planning is needed. It’s time to ignite the Intelligent Planning revolution at Board Beyond, our must-not-miss annual event.

For the first time in three years, we’re bringing the Board community together in person to discuss all things planning. We’re beyond excited (😉) for a day of visionary speakers, sneak peeks at upcoming product enhancements, interactive solution sessions, and the networking opportunity of the year. Best of all, Board Beyond is 100% free.

Want to join us? Reserve your free seat now! Alternatively, read on for more about what to expect.

Where and when is Board Beyond in 2023?

On May 16th, 2023, Board Beyond comes to the stunning Illuminate event space at the Science Museum in London, UK. With spectacular panoramic views of the skyline, Board Beyond promises an unforgettable location for a day of invaluable insights.

London Science Museum

Who can attend Board Beyond in 2023?

Our entire community is invited. Whether you’re a Board champion, user, partner, or planning leader, join us on May 16th to arm yourself with an action plan to accelerate transformation at your organization, driving value and productivity. Representatives from thousands of forward-thinking organizations have joined previous editions of our annual conference, and now is your opportunity to experience it for yourself.

What should I expect at Board Beyond in 2023?

In short, Board Beyond will be a day of inspirational keynotes and idea exchanges designed to help you take your business planning beyond the norm. This is more vital than ever in today’s ever-changing, uncertain marketplace.

You can expect to hear about the power of Intelligent Planning, the future of the Board platform, how Board customers have led planning transformation within their organizations, and how Board solutions can enable you to transform faster.

The day will be topped off with a networking reception overlooking the city. You won’t want to miss it.

Reserve your place now  

Visit the Board Beyond website to book your place, explore the full agenda, or find a templated letter to help you convince your boss to let you attend. Remember, it’s completely free! It’s time to ignite the Intelligent Planning revolution, and we hope to see you there.

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