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[Just Released] Global Planning Survey 2023

A benchmark study with insights from 2,454 expert decision-makers in finance, supply chain, and merchandise planning functions.

There was a moment Intelligent Planning got real. Sometime between a global pandemic and the latest banking crisis, enterprises realized they can no longer rely on a monthly performance report to know if they are heading in the right direction.

A continuous approach to planning is now essential to navigating volatile markets. After all, who knows what unforeseen challenge/crisis/opportunity will emerge in the coming months (weeks?) that will force your business to adapt.

Board Global Planning Survey 2023

How are businesses transforming planning models at present? And how does your company compare? Look no further, as we introduce the Global Planning Survey 2023, available for download now.

What is Board’s Global Planning Survey 2023?

This report is an exclusive benchmark research study, containing insights from leading decision-makers in finance, supply chain, and merchandise planning functions at large enterprises worldwide. Representing companies in the UK, the US, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Australia, and Singapore, the results provide a comprehensive picture of the planning challenges facing businesses today.

According to our survey, 85% of business leaders are taking planning more seriously amid market disruptions.

First things, first. Constant disruption calls for continuous planning.

It’s 2023! Isn’t it time organizations recognize (and act on the fact that) there’s a better way to plan than traditional, conventional methods? Given a fast-changing business landscape, it’s an imperative for organizations to transform if they want to be realistic about effectively competing in future markets.

According to our survey, 85% of business leaders are taking planning more seriously amid market disruptions. And an incredible 94% of boards and investors want to see more comprehensive, strategic approaches to planning.

Despite nearly universal consensus, many remain woefully unprepared.

It’s hard to imagine operating your business using technology and tools from the 1980s—but that’s the case for most. According to the report, 98% of surveyed organizations are still using spreadsheets as part of their planning tools. Wouldn’t you think there are too many risks? Too many siloed versions of the truth?

But here’s where it gets interesting. Even when companies actively pursue initiatives to transform their business planning, most failed to launch effectively. Survey data has this metric at 90%—a stat that’s sure to strike fear in the hearts of executives and planning leaders looking to steer their organizations onto firmer ground.

What proven steps can organizations take today that can actually make a difference?

This is just a blog post. For answers like that, you’ll have to read the report. Thankfully, it’s just a click away. Download your copy and get the insights, trends, and takeaways to help make Intelligent Planning real at your organization.

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