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Board Customer Awards 2021: Celebrating the success of our customers

At Board, the success of our customers is integral to our core values. Transforming key processes across your business (no matter the department or industry it is in) through digital initiatives is a complex undertaking. It takes planning and collaboration to ensure the specific criteria of every business we work with are met. Working closely with every customer, then, is essential. 

Seeing our customers succeed is indicative of this very idea. It represents the ambition and drive of our customers to take full advantage of the Board Decision-Making Platform to transform their business. And we want to celebrate this with you all! So, without further ado, we are proud to share the Board Customer Awards – an annual initiative celebrating customer success with an award for their vision for Board. 

And the winners are… 

The Board Awards are split into three categories, with a winner selected from each core region we operate in: 

World Class Transformation 

Customers that have recently joined the Board family and, despite being at the beginning of their journey, have an ambitious plan for the platform. 

  • Burberry (United Kingdom) 
  • BlueCross (Australia) 
  • Tyler Technology (USA) 
  • Komatsu Europe International (Belgium) 
  • Louwman Group (Netherlands) 
  • s.Oliver Group (Germany) 
  • Decathlon (France) 
  • CONAD (Italy) 
  • Mahou-San Miguel (Spain) 

Rising Star 

Customers with an inspirational vision for Board to become a strategic cross-company tool, or those that have already reached this goal. 

  • Pangaia (United Kingdom) 
  • Entain (Australia) 
  • Starkist (USA) 
  • Colruyt Group (Belgium) 
  • OCI (Netherlands) 
  • EDEKA (Germany) 
  • Implenia (Switzerland) 
  • Edenred (France) 
  • CiaxaBank (Spain) 

Long Term Achiever 

Long-standing customers who continue to expand their use of Board and adapt it to new processes and internal changes. 

Decision-Making Visionary  

We are also introducing an award category to highlight one very special customer for their exceptional vision of combining planning and analytics to transform the business through technology. 

  • Agder Energi (Norway)

Explore our customer stories 

We are truly proud to have professional partners with every single customer we work with. Learn more about who our customers are and the range of journeys they have taken with Board.

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