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Introducing Board 14: Your next-generation planning platform

The best products are born from a deep empathy with the people who use them.

That’s a quote from celebrated designer William Buxton. And it resonated with me as I wrote this blog post. Because Board has been on a journey of innovation. Our people are transforming what’s possible so that our customers can do more—with less—faster than ever.

We work closely with enterprises to understand their challenges. And we want them to get incredible value from our platform and solutions. So, with that mandate in mind…

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Board 14.

It’s built to give your organization a competitive edge. And here are my top 3 reasons why.

1. We made it ridiculously easy to use.

It’s all or nothing when it comes to delivering intuitive user experiences. Board 14 delivers for end users and makers. Navigate with ease through a revitalized UX where every click, screen, and interaction was designed with a single focus in mind: you.

The next-generation user interface with Board 14 is sleek. And modern. And fully optimized. It was developed with extensive customer research and feedback. You shared what you wanted. And we listened—incorporating a reimagined navigation and streamlined access to objects (making every planning task a breeze).

2. We tuned it to perform like Formula 1.

Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait for your tools to catch up with your business. That’s why there’s a next-level dynamic engine at the core of Board 14—and it’s designed to deliver the performance you need to compete.

Our team got to work redefining performance standards and scalability so your business can manage larger data volumes with fewer resources. Whether dealing with vast datasets or intricate models, Board 14 ensures that your planning and analysis are faster and more reliable than ever. Stop waiting for data to load and for calculations to execute, and start spending more time on the strategic decisions that matter most.

3. Get insights you can put to work, faster.

We didn’t just stop with faster performance. We enhanced data discovery and analysis capabilities, too. A brand-new screen object allows you to interact with larger datasets more naturally and intuitively, delivering insights when you need them the most (as in right away). 

Now, users can dive deeper into their data, uncover hidden trends, and make informed decisions with unprecedented granularity and speed.

Be among the first to do more with Board.

Board 14 is more than just an upgrade. It’s a commitment to innovation and a customer-focused platform designed to meet your dynamic business challenges of today…and tomorrow. And as the Buxton quote says, it was born out of deep empathy for the innovators and decision-makers who use it daily to make a difference.

As we gear up for the launch, here’s what you can do to stay in the know.

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