KPMG adopts BOARD for integrated reporting, analysis, planning, budgeting and forecasting

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KPMG adopts BOARD for integrated reporting, analysis, planning, budgeting and forecasting

When a leading business advisory purchases enterprise performance management software for its own use and allows the supplier to reference its purchase and successful implementation, it’s a compliment of the highest degree and a solid gold endorsement.

That was the case a few weeks ago when KPMG approved a customer case study of its implementation of the BOARD International platform for financial performance management at its Amsterdam headquarters [read the KPMG case study], with permission to be used as a reference.

KPMG Switzerland is following suit, and are currently in the process of implanting BOARD for their internal integrated BI and CPM needs.

As a strategic partner of BOARD for several years, KPMG already had a thorough knowledge of the BOARD Platform, having extensively evaluated it when they implemented BOARD at several of their enterprise clients for its unique combination of performance management, BI and analytics capabilities.

The latest release, BOARD 10, provides an all-in-one enterprise performance management software platform for CPM, BI, analytics and predictive analytics, either on-premise or in the Cloud, with self-service data discovery built-in.

In order to enable KPMG Finance to support its business actively with decision-making support, the company sought a Corporate Performance Management system that would facilitate integrated reporting, analysis, planning, budgeting and forecasting. KPMG Finance also specified the need for agility to meet changing circumstances and needs for information, requiring a system that would be easy for business users to handle so it could be integrated into their daily work without having to depend on IT to fulfill additional requirements.

Finally, they sought a system that would be able to deal with both financial and non-financial data from their ERP system and any other source.

“BOARD’s all-in-one toolkit approach matches our vision in integrated performance management. This key capability together with its ease of use and implementation makes BOARD a very attractive tool and our platform of choice,” said Teo Griffioen, leader of the KPMG Enterprise Performance Management practice in the Netherlands, and a member of KPMG’s global EPM Competency Center.

KPMG ran the BOARD Platform through a thorough Proof of Concept trial, with requirements that included delivering specific reports, supporting ad-hoc analysis, combining financial and non-financial data from different sources, and the ability to drill-down to transactional data from their ERP system. Within a few weeks, having evaluated POC results, KPMG confirmed that BOARD could easily fulfill its requirements and that implementation would be possible in a short timeframe.

Supported by BOARD, a joint project team of KPMG Finance and KPMG’s Enterprise Performance Management group led by Sander van Yperen, delivered the first implementation of BOARD applications in just seven weeks. During this phase, the project team worked closely together, continuously focusing on their desired set of benefits — providing insightful, easy and flexible reports and analysis to the end users.

As a result, the current functionality offered through BOARD allows the end users to easily access and analyze detailed financial data in a much faster and more flexible way than before, through its options to view from different angles or to drill down to the lowest level of GL data. In that manner, leveraging BOARD to gather data, prepare and distribute reports, and perform analyses enables KPMG to optimize their month-end closing and reporting process.

We at BOARD are extremely proud of having been chosen by KPMG also as a provider, displaying their confidence in the BOARD platform as the best, most comprehensive and most agile BI and Enterprise Performance Management software. It is further recognition of the value we are bringing our expanding portfolio of common customers.

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