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Exploring the state of Integrated Business Planning: BARC CFO Survey 2020

Today’s dynamic market presents numerous challenges for enterprise planning and forecasting, which must be faster and more accurate than ever before. In response, the integration of strategic & operational planning, as well as the unification of planning with analytics & BI, is increasingly seen as the best way to facilitate transparent and well-founded decision-making.

Many organizations are seeing the benefits of this integrated approach to business planning, but just where are these organizations on their journey towards achieving this coveted planning methodology, and what challenges are they facing?

BARC CFO Survey 2020

Leading business applications analyst BARC is conducting a global survey of finance professionals to find out. Their upcoming User Survey will gather the views of CFOs, Heads of Finance, and finance experts on the status, perceptions, plans, benefits, and challenges associated with integrated planning and forecasting.

The survey will also consider the increasingly important role of predictive technologies and algorithms in corporate planning, which enable planners to spend less time on manual work and better utilize historical data for future forecasting.

As the sponsor of the research, and the market leader in Integrating Business Planning software, we at Board are extremely interested in the results, which will enable us to ensure our unified decision-making platform continues to support those on the planning front line in achieving digital transformation.

Participate in the survey

CFOs, Heads of Finance, and financial experts are invited to participate in the BARC CFO Survey 2020, enabling them to benchmark their position against peers and inspire their future strategic transformation roadmap. A complimentary copy of the completed research will also be provided to all participants.

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