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BOARDVille Las Vegas 2019 Highlights

As we prepare for our arrival in Baveno, Italy on Sunday, May 19 for our second BOARDVille user conference in 2019, we’d like to reflect on the tremendous successes from BOARDVille Las Vegas.

In April we hosted BOARDVille at the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas in which hundreds of members of the BOARD user community came together for three fulfilling days of presentations, hands-on experience, and networking. One of the event highlights was the presentation of our much-anticipated BOARD 11, which will be officially released imminently. We are excited to share more details with you soon.

Keynote speaker Garry Kasparov, 13-time world chess champion, bestselling author, and AI pioneer delivered an inspirational presentation on humans and machines, and how AI is increasingly becoming an invaluable instrument for business improvement. He related the pair of six-game chess matches he played against IBM supercomputer, Deep Blue, to the power of AI.

“Knowing which questions to ask is a key to success for inventing and reinventing. Machines don’t know which questions are relevant. The future of decision-making is to ask questions, define success, and use technology to give us the answers.” – Garry Kasparov


Garry Kasparov on stage speaking at Boardville Las Vegas 2019

Garry Kasparov speaks at Boardville Las Vegas 2019

The conference presentations, interactive panel, and peer to peer meetings enabled our customers to share inspiring stories of their selection and use of BOARD. From complex workforce planning across more than 4,000 stores in H&M, to advanced budgeting and FP&A at Eversource, our customers truly showcased BOARD’s versatility and broad industry application.

“There’s a difference between looking for a product and looking for a partner. Why we picked BOARD in 2012? We believed in our partnership and are proud of our achievements 7 years later.” – Eric Bennici, H&M


Boardville Vegas 2019 Customer Panel

Boardville Vegas 2019 Customer Panel

Thank you to everyone that attended and supported BOARDVille Las Vegas, including our sponsors EY, Microsoft, Corporate Renaissance Group, and Neubrain. We are grateful for our customers and partners and look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s event. As BOARD Americas’ Manager Director Gareth Giles Knopp said,

“Having our customers at the center of everything we do is not our strategy, it’s our mission.”


Boardville Vegas Event 2019 Group Photo

Boardville Vegas 2019 Group Photo

We hope to see you at our next BOARDVille 2019 stop in Baveno, Italy – register today!

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