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Board Day Roadshow 2021: What to expect

Sparking Better DecisionMaking to Overcome Disruption 

Board Day is back! In a virtual roadshow featuring an extensive lineup of guest speakers, real-life case studies, and interactive workshops, attend from the comfort of your desk. Join our two-day virtual conferences across a number of dates and locations, and learn how to accelerate digital transformation by linking planning, analysis, simulation, and forecasting throughout your organization. 

It is increasingly evident that organizations must analyze, plan, and adapt with speed to overcome disruption and adopt a culture of better decision-making across their business. We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic hit global industries in an unprecedented fashion, causing far-reaching disruption to almost every industry out there! No one could have predicted how the outbreak would change the face of the world. Even today, businesses are still waking up to the realization that they must be led by unified, transparent data and act fast to keep up with the constant challenges and changes that arise from the ongoing COVID-19 situation.  

Board Day Virtual Edition 2021 

The path to recovery, for many organizations, is ongoing, but there are new roads to take to stay ahead of the curve. This year’s Board Day Virtual Edition Roadshow brings together industry experts from recognizable names, including Eversource, Deloitte, EY, Bauer, PWC, Villeroy & Boch, and GSK, to bring to you a two-day event filled with:  

  • keynote speakers and panel discussions from a range of different industries, including retail, professional services, finance and banking, manufacturing, and many more 
  • essential best practice tips for digitally transforming your decision-making processes  
  • real-life customer cases of how Board has driven organizational change 
  • demo showcases and interactive sessions with Board’s specialists and Board partners. 

Whether you are an existing Board customer, ready to become one soon, or are simply looking to explore the latest industry trends, Board Day is the perfect event for you. 

Day One of Board Day 2021 

Each event will begin with a keynote presentation, setting the scene on the current state of affairs in businesses worldwide, following COVID-19 and other disruptive factors. The sessions will also consider the role of technology today and how the right digital approach will aid organizations to navigate the turbulence of the markets. Our keynote speakers cover a fascinating range of industries and proficiencies, delivering thought leadership on the topics that matter the most. 

We then move on to an action-packed day. Board customers, who are using the unified Decision-Making Platform to transform their approach to analysis, planning, and forecasting, will share their experiences in customer spotlight keynotes. These customer story sessions will cover a range of projects, from finance-focused transformation to end-to-end Sales Performance Management innovation, providing helpful insight for organizations in all industries. 

Panel discussions with Board customers and Board partners will take an interactive approach in discussing, with you, their inspirational perspectives and stories on business decision-making and Digital Transformation.  

Board demos will allow you to see the platform in action across a variety of business functions, such as finance and zero-based budgeting or agile Integrated Business Planning. Board experts and partners will lead these sessions.  

The demos split into different tracks towards the end of the day, covering finance and operations, so you can pick the topics key to you and take away the most from your Board Day experience. 

Day Two of Board Day 2021 

The second day is exclusively for existing Board customers. We kick the sessions off with a Board product roadmap, so you can see the features now available in the latest Board release. 

We will then launch a series of Board demos, providing updates on the latest product innovations and allowing you to learn inspiring new ways to use the Board platform.  

Find out more 

Board Day 2021 begins on May 18 for the Benelux region and makes its way through the UK, Spain, Italy, US, Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan. Visit the Board Day website today to discover more about the sessions specific to your local stop of the tour and book your place. 

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