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What’s new in the Board 11 Decision-Making Platform?

The highly anticipated Board 11 decision-making platform has now been released, bringing with it a whole host of new features designed to make data analysis, simulation, and planning easier than ever before. 

Thanks to more exhaustive data modeling capabilities, Board 11 allows business users to translate their business visions into effective analytical, simulation, and planning applications, sparking their business imagination. 

This blog highlights some of the key developments within the new Board 11 platform.

Lightning-fast performance meets data modeling simplicity: WAVE

Modern business decision-making is an increasingly complex process involving multiple stakeholders, factors, constraints, and masses of data. In response, our development team has been hard at work exploring ways to continue delivering exceptional performance as user demands grow. The outcome is WAVE, a revolutionary new processing engine which underpins all activities within Board 11.  

An all-new approach to data modeling, with a semantic-less structure, dramatically simplifies the process of converting complex processes into usable business models. Combined with parallel processing capabilities, concurrent data loading, and new dataflows, this structure enables WAVE to process data at incomparable speeds, meaning an increase in users, data, or complexity can be delivered while users work, without impacting performance.  

WAVE is also capable of using inbuilt learning capabilities to automatically optimize the solution behind the scenes, ensuring your applications are always running at their best. 

New web-based administration and design interface 

Board 11 also makes the creation and management of analytics and planning applications even simpler by introducing a web-based administration and design interface. The user-friendly, drag-and-drop principles from Board’s desktop client have been reengineered for the web to offer an even smoother user experience, allowing new applications to be built and managed from your browser.  

In addition, the new screen fit feature means applications designed in the web will automatically adjust to fit different screen sizes, ensuring the data that matters to you most is always to-hand across desktop and mobile devices. 

New ways to report on and share data 

You can also facilitate better knowledge sharing with the new Subscription and Broadcasting features, which enable information to be distributed to the right people at the right time.  

End users can choose to have reports sent to their inbox at a frequency of their choosing, giving them the power to decide what is important to them, as well as sharing reports with individuals or groups as relevant. Workflow-based rules can also be established to automatically send out reports to specified users based on certain conditions, removing manual distribution processes. 

Understanding the state of KPIs is also now even clearer with the introduction of new objects for your dashboards – gauges and advanced charts such as Funnel Charts and Bullet Charts give you more ways to represent your data. Plus, dataviews now offer features such as multiple headers, annotations, and search, helping you find exactly what you’re looking for. 

A redesigned administrative experience 

Admin and development users are also treated to an overhauled experience. Core functionality such as the database manager, procedure editor, and data reader have been completely redesigned to give developers a more efficient, enjoyable, faster, and simpler experience. New impact analysis functionality enables developers to instantly understand where data fields are referenced and utilized throughout their applications, ensuring the full effect of any changes is known before they are made.  

From the administrator’s perspective, additional metadata (such as pictures and email addresses) combined with other customized fields makes it easier than ever to manage system users, while the redesigned HTML5 interface makes management more intuitive.  

To summarize 

The overall theme of Board 11 is one of power combined with simplicity. The solution has been reengineered to deliver the best user experience we’ve ever created, giving your organization the capabilities it needs to make better decisions, faster, with increasing volumes of data. To find out more about the additional enhancements not mentioned in this article, contact your local Board team or visit the release page in our Boardville user community

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