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Board International recognized on the TrustRadius Best Software List

It’s always fantastic to share our celebrations with the wider community. As Board International continues to push for excellence in everything we do, from the product and service we provide, we continue to gain recognition in the marketplace as a purveyor of quality. This year, TrustRadius recognized this by placing us on their prestigious Best Software List.

Let’s explore what the List represents, why our award is important, and why we want to thank our community for presenting us with this opportunity.

What is the TrustRadius Best Software List?

The TrustRadius Best Software List aims to provide buyers with a transparent and insightful method to research products and vendors considered best by other buyers. This peer-to-peer approach is widely seen in the digital age and holds a specific place in the sales funnel.

This recognition has far-reaching implications for us. We know buyers use reviews when deciding which vendors to contact in the first instance. The sales cycle often starts with reviews, so having awards and recognition against our name and product adds significant weight.

TrustRadius has defined certain criteria for a vendor to be added to the Best Software List. To make the list, products must have the following:

  • 40+ reviews from the past year
  • a trScore (TrustRadius Score) of 7.5 or higher.

What does the Award mean for Board?

The Best Software Award means we have a product that resonates with our current customers. Their reviews are part of our lifeblood. Seeing us deliver on our product is exciting and gratifying (our sincerest thanks go to everyone who has made the time to review us in this way).

TrustRadius is devoted to ensuring that all reviews are transparent, peer-to-peer, backed by experts, and moderated for truthfulness and quality. There is no product placement, and vendors can neither buy a stronger position nor impact published reviews. This means that receiving recognition and Awards indicates our dedication to our product and customers.

Board’s international recognition

Board is internationally recognized, with a great number of awards from analysts and peer-to-peer customer reviews. Learn more about how we perform in analyst reports and customer reviews.

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