Board Day 2022

Intelligent Planning

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Board Day 2022

With immense pleasure, we can announce Board’s key event of the year, Board Day 2022. We will be bringing some of the world’s leading decision-makers together to explore the next generation of intelligent business planning and the impact this will have on the enterprises of the future. So, what can you expect from the event? 

What is Board Day? 

Yes, Board Day is back! For those who have never joined us for Board Day before, it is a roadshow style event we run across two days in key locations around the globe to bring an extensive lineup of: 

  • Exciting guest speakers focused on the need for intelligent planning 
  • Real-life case studies from Board customers, exploring how Board has helped introduce critical transformation across critical business functions 
  • Interactive workshops to guide you through the journey of Plan Smarter. Drive Outcomes. Lead Transformation 
  • Networking opportunities with industry experts and transformation leaders 
  • Board product updates and roadmap. 

We know, especially following a period of unrest and unprecedented change, that enterprises are always looking to enhance their ability to capture more profound insights and make smarter decisions. These efforts work to drive better business outcomes while guiding organization-wide transformation. However, few know how to make this a reality. 

Board Day explores overcoming this barrier, showing businesses with real examples and best practice approaches how they can Plan Smarter. Drive Outcomes. Lead Transformation. through intelligent planning. So, whether you are an existing Board customer, ready to become one soon, or simply looking to explore the latest industry trends, Board Day is the perfect event for you. 

Where and when is Board Day 2022 coming to? 

While the theme of intelligent planning and transformation remains vital for businesses in all countries, we bring Board Day to various locations so we can explore the topic with localized expertise and insight. This means that you will be hearing from industry leaders with a specialism within your locale, taking away more relevant information and learning. 

This year, Board Day is coming to: 

  • Italy: 18th – 19th May [In-Person] 
  • France: 30th May [In-Person] 
  • UK, Ireland, Middle East Asia, and the Nordics: 8th – 9th June [Virtual] 
  • USA and Canada: 14th – 15th June [Virtual] 
  • Switzerland: 15th June [Virtual] 
  • Spain: 16th June [Virtual] 
  • Asia-Pacific: 16th Jun [Virtual]
  • Germany: 21st June [Virtual] 
  • Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg: 23rd June [Virtual] 
  • Japan: 22nd July [Virtual] 

We will continue to update this page with added details, as they become available – so be sure to check back to see: 

  • confirmed dates for the remaining locations 
  • the keynote speakers for each location 
  • an agenda for the day (or days) 
  • any other details you will need to know. 

Alternatively, you can visit the dedicated Board Day website to register and check the latest updates. 

Virtual or in-person: What to know 

As the world continues its recovery from the COVID pandemic, we must ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our attendees is at the very top of our priorities. We have decided to host some of the events virtually and some in-person (based on geographic location). While we would love to see you all in the flesh, this is the best approach we can take to ensure that we can operate each day to deliver the best results for you. 

We will be running the events live from a designated venue for all attendees in Italy and France. We will be virtual for all other countries (UK, Spain, Germany, Benelux, USA, and Japan). But fear not – each day is packed to the brim with exciting sessions and learning opportunities. Besides, there is something nice knowing you can attend the virtual days from the comfort of your desk. 

The event: How do I register? 

The easiest question to answer! Head to our dedicated Board Day website and click the registration button underneath the location you want to join. You can also use the REGISTER NOW links listed above. 

We look forward to meeting you all at Board Day 2022. 

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