What Customers Really Think About BOARD International

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What Customers Really Think About BOARD International

Over the last few months, the IT Central Station team gathered user reviews for BOARD with one goal: to find out what they really had to say about their experience with this leading business performance management solution.

As the leading site for enterprise technology user reviews, we are always on the hunt for user feedback that can help our growing community of tech professionals make future buying decisions for their companies. When we get BOARD reviews from their current customers, we have the unique opportunity to hear authentic feedback from real users who are all too happy to share their opinions.

As we looked further into these reviews, we discovered that many BOARD users highlighted similar features that contribute to their overall positive experiences with this tool. In this post, we will delve into three of these top-mentioned features in more detail, which we hope will help others looking for honest, unbiased tech reviews in their market research.

Unified Platform:

One major theme that is apparent in BOARD’s IT Central Station reviews is that the technology provides an all-in-one solution for their needs. Their reviews note that BOARD offers all of the data they need in one place, while functioning as both a business intelligence solution and as a business performance management tool:

“It is “one” solution. Keeping it simple: Allowing my team, my users, end users, and me only one application to plug into to get all of their financial data. This is key.” – Rich W., Director of FPNA at a healthcare company.

“The most valuable feature of BOARD is that it is comprised of a full bundle package solution, while being a BI and CPM tool. Meanwhile, some of its competitors are either/or, but not both.” – Carlos A., Manager Of Financial Planning And Analysis at a healthcare company.

Ease of Use:

BOARD’s ease of use is another important feature that their customers highlight often in their reviews. They highlight that BOARD’s user-friendly environment allows them to access all the relevant data they need to make faster business decisions:

“It is performing great. My managers love it. It is easy for them to look at their budget and review their expenses at budget time so they can know what to budget for the following year, but also to keep track of their expenses during the year and not go over their budgets.” – Letisia R., Financial Analyst at a government organization with 1,000+ employees.

“All staff can now see their relevant scorecards online. This helps them see exactly how we are trending towards our goals, from which their bonus compensation is calculated. The solution gives us consistency and reliability of data. As users of the tool, it’s very easy to input our time, it’s very clear who’s working on what, when. It lines up our billing and invoices. So, it’s very clear who needs to get billed.” – Bob G., Principle Architect at a tech services company.


Another major theme that comes up in BOARD reviews is its efficiency, which allows their customers to save time and resources without programming or technical IT skills:

“It has definitely saved us time, especially in our budget and planning processes. A lot of time was previously spent manually manipulating information. Now, the information is there, so they can actually look at it and utilize it for forecasting and planning.” – Leeza M., Manager MIS at a healthcare company with 1,000+ employees.

“This product has saved us countless hours in developing our budget each year. What used to require a number of employees working overtime each week consistently, has been cut down to one person working 10 hours of overtime once a year…If we have a new process, or a new reporting function that we want to achieve, we can make it happen in Board. We are able to do it ourselves, and that is without any IT background or training.” – Kory K., Budget & Performance Analyst.

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