Rapid and Sustained Global Growth Requires Separate Regional Approaches

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Rapid and Sustained Global Growth Requires Separate Regional Approaches

As successful companies grow globally, they must follow two seemingly paradoxical paths. First, they need to present a single face to all markets, ensuring that every marketing penny spent builds a common brand and value proposition. Secondly, though, they need to cosmetically alter that single face in each separate region and country to match cultural norms and buying behaviors that often differ widely.

Beyond just translating sales and marketing materials into multiple languages, this second guidepost to growth requires separate executive thinking in each region that can understand and respect the separate buying patterns, competitors and legal structures with which they need to deal every day.

IBM recognized this as it established thriving European and Asian offices in the second half of the 20th century, reaping tremendous growth from regionally autonomous management teams who understood and leveraged how their cultures and markets worked.

And last week, BOARD International similarly reached across the pond, though in the opposite direction, to establish a second headquarters in Boston, which reinforces our stage for rapid growth in our decision-making market with a robust, all-in-one BI, analytics and performance management platform for the Cloud, on-premise or hybrid implementations.

“A Boston headquarters underscores our strategic commitment to US growth with adequate space, staffing and funding to accommodate our rapid growth and expanded enterprise customer base,” said BOARD CEO Giovanni Grossi at the new Americas headquarters last week in Boston. With co-located headquarters in Boston and Chiasso, Switzerland, BOARD is keeping pace with the tremendous growth we’ve experienced in recent years, and in particular since introducing BOARD Cloud and BOARD 10.

“The year 2016 has seen tremendous growth for BOARD both in Europe and the US, and our strategic plans call for elevating our US revenues to at least 50% of corporate revenues by 2019,” Mr. Grossi told the assembled crowd of US-based BOARD staffers and partners.

BOARD’s rapid growth, which is on a run-rate to exceed 100 percent at the end of this year, has been fueled largely by an increasing recognition of the value corporations gain from a unified enterprise-wide software platform for planning, forecasting and business intelligence analytics in support of corporate decision making at all levels. But it’s also due to the recognition that not all regions and countries are alike, and to taking separate market growth paths in the many diverse regions throughout the world.

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